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Personal Training Options

Personal Training is delivered by our degreed, certified staff. Sessions are offered in 30 & 45 minute increments and can packages range from single session to twenty sessions. We offer both 1-on-1 and buddy training.

At 08 Fitness we know that we are all at different places in our health journey and our approach to personal training is true reflection of that mindset. We want you to feel better, so you can move more!

1-on-11 Session5 Sessions10 Sessions20 Sessions
30 Minutes$28$130$235$420
45 Minutes$38$175$325$580
Buddy*1 Session5 Sessions10 Sessions 20 Sessions
30 Minutes$22.40$104$188$336
45 Minutes$30.40$140$260$464
*Price shown for Buddy Training is per participant

Programming Events and Challenges

Fitness Membership Portal

Bank Employee Membership Monthly Dues: $0.00

Core Membership Monthly Dues: $49.00

Contact Us

If you have any comments, questions, feedback or would like a tour of O8, please reach out to Ron via phone or email.


600 Atlantic Ave

Boston, MA 02210


(617) 973-3679

Hours of Operation:

O8 Fitness is open 24/7

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